What beer did I have?

Sunday Roast. What could be better than a Sunday Roast? A nice walk in the snow down to our favourite pub for a nice Sunday Roast. Even better, I could have a new beer and add it to the list. Exciting! Conchi and I went with this plan and took ourselves down to the Brewery Tap for the famous (well in Abingdon it is) Sunday Roast. We arrived at the nice warm pub and I surveyed the hand pumps. Not that one, its off, not the second one, Abingdon Bridge (already drunk) but the third, Hartleys Cumbrian XB, this was the one for me. I was happy. We were shown to the table where our drinks orders were taken and the food order too. I will have a pint of Cumbrian XB please.

The beer arrives and it is an amber brown colour with a pleasant taste, similar to others that I have tried over the last year or so. I would like to say more about the flavour but I don’t really know what I am talking about when it comes to these matters. At the moment, if a beer tastes good it is good and vice versa. The food arrived and over the next 20 minutes we finished everything on the plates. A really good roast beef and roast duck, highly recommended. No I didn’t have two, one was Conchi’s. No room for dessert so we asked for the bill. Checking the bill, imagine my surprise when I saw an item that read Abingdon Bridge! I am sure that I asked for Cumbrian XB. ‘Yes, you did’ said Conchi. Maybe I had the right beer but the wrong beer was put into the till? Maybe I did receive an Abingdon Bridge, one of my favourite beers? (but I have already added this one to the list) If I did receive my favourite beer, how come I did not recognise it? What colour is Cumbrian XB supposed to be? So many questions. With these doubts in mind, we paid for the bill, took a look at the hand pumps and left the pub not knowing whether I could add a new beer to my list. At home, we checked the tasting notes for Cumbrain XB to discover it is pale golden ale. Being a scientist (not really sure what this has to do with it), I put all the evidence together and decided that I may not have had a new beer and therefore it could not be included on the list. To be added to the list there can be no ambiguity as to which beer I had drunk. The moral of the story: always order beer from the bar. You need to see what is being poured, especially when you are doing a foolish 365 different beer challenge.


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