Beer number fifty is thrifty

Whenever we go to Tescos for the bi-weekly food shop, I inevitably visit the best aisle that they have, the beer aisle (the biscuit and chocolate aisles coming a close second!). There are actually two aisles for beer. One has lagers from the UK and around the world (they have a pretty good selection of world lagers and beers) and the other aisle is the one I always frequent, the ale (beer) aisle. They always have a good choice of many different beers from around the UK, both local and  further afield. ????????????On this particular occasion, a couple of weeks ago whilst perusing the beer aisle for a few ales, but deciding that because there was no offer on the beers (they can be 3 for £5) I would not be buying any this week (phew!), I found this little gem for £1, Harvest Pale from Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham. I do like this beer, alot. I have had it before in both bottled form and on draught. I can see why it won CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain 2010. This beer had a really nice pale golden yellow colour and a full white head, even when poured out of a bottle. The taste is very fresh with a hoppy, floral, citrus flavour. Overall it is very light and has a well balanced and refreshing after taste. I could easily drink a few of these in one sitting but unfortunately not at the moment, unless I want to drink a lot more beers than the 365 target. I was pretty happy to find this wonderful beer at such a low price. And even better, I could try it as beer number 50.


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