Beer heaven….or pretty close to it

I feel compelled to write a post about Saturday’s visit to London. The real reason for the visit was to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and to see The Phantom of the Opera for Conchi’s birthday. But I managed to persuade Conchi that we should visit the Craft Beer Co in Clerkenwell for some afternoon beers. Again, I reiterate Conchi’s patience with me and this challenge (she does like a good beer too though). Craft Beer Co have three different pubs in London but the Clerkenwell one looked the closest to where we were going to be. I was very excited about this visit. From their website, the pub looked great with a big choice of cask ales, keg ales and bottled ales. I have been following them for a while on Twitter and Saturday was also going to be the launch day for beers from a new brewery called Siren Craft brew.

Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell

We arrived at the pub at about 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. On entering inside (the pub was not too busy but full of people) we were greeted by a long line of hand pumps and draught style pourers. I am used to, in your average pub in the UK, maybe four or five hand pumps for ales and beers. If you want more beer choice than this then you generally have to go to a beer festival. But here I roughly counted 16 hand pumps for cask ales and 18 taps for keg ales. It was amazing! Craft Beer Co ClerkenwellThe only problem with this (and it is quite a big one) is where do you start with so much beer choice? Fortunately, I was there this Saturday to try the Siren Craft Brew beers so I headed straight for them. You could not miss the big, bold pump clips that they had designed for the beers. I really liked the artwork. The first one that Conchi and I tried was Liquid Mistress, a Red IPA, a really dark red ale with a lovely aroma.  It was delicious and full of flavour. A malty, biscuity base with a really big hit of hops at the end.Liquid Mistress in hand This one was our favorite, mainly because of the big flavours. The second one I tried was Under Current. A more traditional IPA as I see it but made with the inclusion of Oatmeal. The taste of this one was not quite as hoppy as Liquid Mistress and was a little more floral. I probably would have benefited from drinking this one first as the flavours were a little subtler. Two other beers were also available, an IPA called Soundwave, and a Breakfast Stout called Broken Dream (a stout with breakfast flavours? or a stout to be drunk at breakfast?).

Liquid Mistress Pump ClipUnder Current Pump ClipUnfortunately time constraints did not permit me to try a third but I would definitely recommend looking out for Siren Craft Brew beers and giving them a try. They were very good. I would also definitely recommend going along to the Craft Beer Co (I will be going again at some point this year). For me it was very close to Beer Heaven, a never ending beer festival (as they call it), providing cask and keg ale from some of the best and newest breweries from around the UK. They definitely have it right for the ale and craft beer crowd. Now I just need them to open a pub in Oxford.


2 comments on “Beer heaven….or pretty close to it

  1. carol says:

    another place which must be added to my Do in London list, sounds like a great beer company, where are the other 2 pubs?

  2. drrichieg says:

    There is one pub in Islington and another in Brixton. They both look as good as the Clerkenwell one. If you are up for it we could do it later in the year. I have also been looking at brewery tours of Meantime Brewery in Greenwich. But definitely we should do Craft Beer Co

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