About me

I have already written a section as to why I am drinking 365 beers in 365 days so I have been persuaded to write a small section about myself (turns out that after I had finished writing it, it was not such a small section!). So here goes…..I am a Scientist, a mix of Chemist and Glycobiologist, working at Ludger and living in Abingdon, just outside Oxford. I am a geek, self confessed but told on an almost daily basis by my partner and colleagues at work. I like science fiction, watching and reading. Favourite author, Stephen Baxter. I am a big fan of Doctor Who, old series and new series, but definitely prefer the new series since Christopher Eccleston picked up the baton. I love music and try to go to as many gigs as possible, although this means mostly going to see more well established bands that none of my friends or colleagues seem to have heard of (My Morning Jacket, Fountains of Wayne, The Walkmen, British Sea Power, Graham Coxon), as well as a few more popular bands (Ash and Weezer). I love snowboarding and try to do this when I can. My favourite country is Spain and I have been holidaying there since I was 12. I have been learning Spanish for the last 3 years because I wanted to learn a language. But the language learning is even more imperative now that I have a Spanish partner. Being very close to the wonderful Oxfordshire countryside all around us I enjoy going walking and cycling. These two things enable me to explore the local pubs, of which there are very many, and try many of the local beers from the plethora of breweries that are in the area. We have an excellent brewery right on our doorstep, Loose Cannon Brewery. I love drinking beer or real ale, going out to pubs seems so much more exciting when you have the possibility of discovering and trying a new beer. This is also the case when going to visit a city or town, discovering local ales in the local pubs. I have to admit, I have not always been a beer drinker, up to four years ago I was a stalwart lager drinker. I did not start out as a lager drinker though, I started life at university as a bitter drinker surrounded by lager drinkers. I would regularly drink a nice pint of Tiger, Everards being the local brewery to the university I attended, the University of Leicester. I also have a vivid memory of attending a beer festival at The Old Horse on London Road and a three legged pub crawl in search of beers, but I digress. Being the only bitter drinker in a round of 10 pints, I would often find that my bitter would never arrive and often be replaced with a lager. In the end I found it easier just to ask for lager. From then on I always drank lager at home or whenever I went out. My fascination with beer and real ales did not start until about 4 years ago thanks to my colleague at work, Carol. She took me to a beer festival, told me too start on the lighter pale and golden ales, I liked them a lot and have not looked back since. So this brings us up to the present and the current 365 beer challenge. The challenge of drinking 365 beers is one thing but the challenge of writing an interesting blog is another. My scientific writing has been practiced and much improved over the last 15 years but that does not translate well to writing an interesting and humorous blog to entertain family, friends, colleagues and other followers. This I hope will come with practice. So I am just going to dive right in there and give it a go. Cheers.


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