Possibly a premature Top 5 Beer list

I didn’t really expect to produce a top 5 beer list so early on in the challenge. In fact, I had no intention to make this list for some time. I was going to wait until a bit further down the line until I had say, 100 beers-150 beers under my belt. But an opportunity arose for me to have my Top 5 beers posted on a website. I replied to a Tweet to have it put on the Cask Marque website. How exciting?! For me, very! (you can check it out by following the link) I don’t think that I have ever done a top 5 beer list before, mainly because I don’t have a very good memory and tend to forget most of the beers that I have drunk. A few have stuck in my memory, like the local beers that I have tasted on frequent occasions, but not enough have stuck in my head to make an informed top 5 beer list, until now. I thought that now I have tried 60 different beers this year, I could have a stab at a list. So here is my top 5 at the moment, in no particular order.


1. Abingdon Bridge from Loose Cannon Brewery

2. Triple chocoholic from Saltaire Brewery

3. Harvest Pale from Castle Rock

4. Conqueror from Windsor and Eton Brewery

5. Caesar Augustus from Williams Bros Brewery

I think there is quite a variety here. A dark brown ale from Loose Cannon, a smooth, chocolatey stout from Saltaire, a blond, pale ale from Castle Rock, a hoppy, black IPA from Windsor and Eton and a peachy, hoppy lager/IPA hybrid from Williams Bros. I mentioned before that this is my top 5 beer list ‘at the moment’ because who knows what amazing beer or two or three or more could be waiting for me around the corner. Maybe in two or three months time I will have a few new beers in the top 5, or maybe a completely new top 5.  There is still a long way to go with the challenge (304 more beers) and anything could happen.

Beer number fifty is thrifty

Whenever we go to Tescos for the bi-weekly food shop, I inevitably visit the best aisle that they have, the beer aisle (the biscuit and chocolate aisles coming a close second!). There are actually two aisles for beer. One has lagers from the UK and around the world (they have a pretty good selection of world lagers and beers) and the other aisle is the one I always frequent, the ale (beer) aisle. They always have a good choice of many different beers from around the UK, both local and  further afield. ????????????On this particular occasion, a couple of weeks ago whilst perusing the beer aisle for a few ales, but deciding that because there was no offer on the beers (they can be 3 for £5) I would not be buying any this week (phew!), I found this little gem for £1, Harvest Pale from Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham. I do like this beer, alot. I have had it before in both bottled form and on draught. I can see why it won CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain 2010. This beer had a really nice pale golden yellow colour and a full white head, even when poured out of a bottle. The taste is very fresh with a hoppy, floral, citrus flavour. Overall it is very light and has a well balanced and refreshing after taste. I could easily drink a few of these in one sitting but unfortunately not at the moment, unless I want to drink a lot more beers than the 365 target. I was pretty happy to find this wonderful beer at such a low price. And even better, I could try it as beer number 50.