Beer #21 Chocolatey beer

In my quest to find different beers to fulfil this quite momentous task that I have set for myself, I have signed up to a website called BeerBods. In a nutshell, you pay your money and BeerBods send 12 different beers to your door every 12 weeks. Great! Then on Thursday of every week BeerBods say to you which beer you have to drink that week and have a live twitter tasting. Everyone drinks the same beer and, if you feel like it, you can make a comment on the website rating it. I am not sure about this part as it does seem pretty weird to me *he says writing about beers on a blog entitled ‘Beer For The Year’*. I signed up to this last Sunday (13th January) and by Tuesday afternoon I had in my possession 12 excellent new beers, 11 of which I had never seen or heard of before. I say excellent but I have only sampled one. Last night was the first Thursday after the delivery and BeerBods dictated to me that I should drink the Triple Chocoholic stout by Saltaire Brewery.

WP_001312     WP_001315

Apparently this beer came to life as a result of a bet, trying to be more chocolatey than Youngs Double Chocolate Stout. Now I like chocolate a lot (I know, what a surprise that I have said that) and I like beer a lot (again, what a surprise) but I was not sure about Triple Chocoholic. Currently, I am not a big fan of stouts or very dark beers, although I am sure that will change, and have to change, if I am to make it through to 365 beers. So when I tried this beer, I was pleasantly surprised. It is made with chocolate malts, real chocolate and chocolate syrup but does not taste too sweet, in fact a very balanced taste. The beer is not heavy at all, very smooth and comes without the dark beer bitterness that you normally seem to get with dark beers. So I am a fan of this first beer that I have tasted with BeerBods and shows promise for the rest of the beers. Although BeerBods send an email on Thursday to tell you the next beer to drink, their website shows the beers for the subsequent three weeks. The next beer in the queue is Pure UBU. I am looking forward to trying this one again.