What beer did I have?

Sunday Roast. What could be better than a Sunday Roast? A nice walk in the snow down to our favourite pub for a nice Sunday Roast. Even better, I could have a new beer and add it to the list. Exciting! Conchi and I went with this plan and took ourselves down to the Brewery Tap for the famous (well in Abingdon it is) Sunday Roast. We arrived at the nice warm pub and I surveyed the hand pumps. Not that one, its off, not the second one, Abingdon Bridge (already drunk) but the third, Hartleys Cumbrian XB, this was the one for me. I was happy. We were shown to the table where our drinks orders were taken and the food order too. I will have a pint of Cumbrian XB please.

The beer arrives and it is an amber brown colour with a pleasant taste, similar to others that I have tried over the last year or so. I would like to say more about the flavour but I don’t really know what I am talking about when it comes to these matters. At the moment, if a beer tastes good it is good and vice versa. The food arrived and over the next 20 minutes we finished everything on the plates. A really good roast beef and roast duck, highly recommended. No I didn’t have two, one was Conchi’s. No room for dessert so we asked for the bill. Checking the bill, imagine my surprise when I saw an item that read Abingdon Bridge! I am sure that I asked for Cumbrian XB. ‘Yes, you did’ said Conchi. Maybe I had the right beer but the wrong beer was put into the till? Maybe I did receive an Abingdon Bridge, one of my favourite beers? (but I have already added this one to the list) If I did receive my favourite beer, how come I did not recognise it? What colour is Cumbrian XB supposed to be? So many questions. With these doubts in mind, we paid for the bill, took a look at the hand pumps and left the pub not knowing whether I could add a new beer to my list. At home, we checked the tasting notes for Cumbrain XB to discover it is pale golden ale. Being a scientist (not really sure what this has to do with it), I put all the evidence together and decided that I may not have had a new beer and therefore it could not be included on the list. To be added to the list there can be no ambiguity as to which beer I had drunk. The moral of the story: always order beer from the bar. You need to see what is being poured, especially when you are doing a foolish 365 different beer challenge.

First post: Challenge already underway

Having decided to start this beer challenge part way through January, this first post has had to happen half way into January. I think I have got off to a fairly good start, which prompted the idea that I might be able to do this in the first place. I am already up to 20 beers with 17 days passed (I should be on 21 later this evening), so slightly ahead of the game at this stage. The photo shows only 11 of the beers that I have tried.  The other beers have been mostly on tap from bars and pubs in both Spain and England.


My favourite two beers so far have been Loose Cannon Brewery’s Abingdon Bridge and Young’s Winter Warmer. Although I do like San Miguel 1516, it is so much smoother than its brother, San Miguel. Unfortunately it is only available in Spain.

We did have a couple of interesting beers at the Brewery Tap Pub quiz on Tuesday night, Spectrum by the Salopian Brewery and Rock Bitter by The Nottingham Brewery. Spectrum was an amber beer with large creamy head and an excellent pump clip. Quite often, as I am sure with most of you, I am persuaded to try a beer by the cool image or graphic on the pump clip. Rock Bitter was a very light golden colour with a fresh, hoppy taste. I preferred the Spectrum as did my drinking companions, Simon and Chris. The beers were definitely more interesting than the outcome of the quiz. Second from last was where we came with our ace team of quizzers, Conchi, Simon Peel, Rob Emery, Harriet VRH, Chris, getting 30 out of 53. Oops!

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