The Rules

1. Drink 365 different beers in 365 days.
This does not mean that a different beer has to be drunk every day. Several different beers can be drunk in one day and days off can be taken.

2. All beers must be different.

3. Every type of beer, lager and bitter counts towards the total. This does include home brew but the amount is limited to 1 % of the 365 beer total. Home brews can only be counted if they have been named by the home brewer.

4. Beers can be from anywhere in the world

5. Different real ales from the same brewery count as different beers. i.e Abingdon bridge, Dark Horse and Bandwagon count as three different beers from the Loose Cannon Brewery (Abingdon).

6. At least half a pint (half an imperial pint, 284 mL) of the beer must be drunk.

7. The beer must be enjoyable.

3 comments on “The Rules

  1. Kevin says:

    well, did you complete the challenge?

    • drrichieg says:

      Thanks for the comment. And thanks for reminding me that I probably should update my blog at some point! I have just updated the beer list page to reflect the fact that I managed to reach 506 different beers in 365 days. It was a fun journey over the last year and I think that I have learnt a lot more about the beer that is out there. I really ought to get everything down in writing. Nevertheless, I am continuing the journey this year and will carry on with the list to see how far I can go. cheers

  2. mike says:

    great challenge, just started my own one on halloween , i thought it was a great idea but you beat me to it !

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